Version 3.0 Of Streamezzo ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’ Platform


Streamezzo have announced version 3.0 of its mobile application development platform and runtime framework for creating and deploying mobile applications on any handset.

Streamezzo allows you to write your application code once using the Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment Workbench Developer, and then generate multiple versions of applications using the same source code. The Streamezzo Rich Media Client Virtual Machine is shipped with your application and deployed over-the-air, with no preinstalled player required. This Rich Media client ensures the application’s source code is rendered consistently, regardless of the phone’s operating system. Standard J2EE/JSP code allows for integration with external data sources and web services.

Version 3.0 embeds Streamezzo’s device database and associated Rich Media Clients directly in the Eclipse-based Workbench. This allows developers to access up-to-date supported devices and browse Properties while editing the application’s layout and scripts, and to test and run their application within the provided mobile phone emulator.

Version 3.0 also introduces a WYSIWYG layout editor and an integrated skins editor; a new adaptation framework, and an updated graphical interface.

A three month free trail of the Streamezzo mobile development platform version 3.0 is available from the Streamezzo website. One Developer seat of the Workbench Developer costs € 10,00 per year; while one instance of the server is available at € 20,000 per year.

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