Version 2009.2 of Perforce Integration with SQL Databases


Perforce have released version 2009.2 of their Perforce Integration with SQL Databases (P4toDB.)

P4DB replicates Perforce metadata to both open source and commercial SQL databases for reporting and analysis purposes. Supported databases include the DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Postgres databases. Version 2009.2 fixes bugs such as correctly acknowledging the FETCH_DELAY variable, and treating the non-default value for the PID_FILE variable as the explicit name for the PID file. The non-standard P4TICKETHASH variable has been removed, meaning that tickets are now handled in the standard manner.

Please note that P4toDB requires a Perforce server at version 2009.2 or higher, and a full standard JRE 6 or later. To download P4toDB, please visit the Perforce Downloads page.

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