Version 2.10 of RPM Ruby Agent with New Features For Ruby and Java


Version 2.10 of RPM Ruby Agent is now available for download, including new features for both Ruby and Java apps.

This release adds support for Rack, Sinatra and Rails Metals by implementing a call method as if it were a controller action, collecting transaction traces and errors, and enabling visibility into Ruby web apps. Users can also now monitor Passenger queue time in additional to Mongrel. In version 2.10 the Web Transaction Analysis feature has been moved from Bronze to Lite, meaning users can now look at a summary of transactions types with the option to sort by throughput, response time, Apdex score and more, to determine which are the worst performers. The RPM team have also added visibility into background tasks and other activities occurring outside of normal controller actions, and visibility into performance profile modes while in developer mode.

The new version is accessible by selecting the Upgrade banner in RPM, or downloading at GitHub.