Version 0.8 of Voldermort Storage System Used in LinkedIn


Version 0.8 of the Voldermort open source distributed key-value storage system is now available for download. Voldermort is used at LinkedIn for high-scalability storage problems.

This clone of Amazon’s Dynamo automatically replicates data over multiple servers and partitions it so each server contains only a subset of the total data. It also supports pluggable data placement strategies for things like distribution across data centres that are geographically removed from one another. Voldermort also combines in memory caching with the storage system so that a separate caching tier is not required.

In this release, the BDB storage engine has been upgraded to use BerkeleyDB-JE 4.0.92, and the socket buffer size for transferring read-only stores from Hadoop has been increased.

Please note that version 0.80 is compatible with 0.57.1 and earlier versions, but incompatible with versions 0.60-0.70.1. See the Release Notes for more information.

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