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Version 0.7 of Gaelyk Toolkit for Groovy in GAE

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, new betas of LibreOffice 3.4 and Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0.0.

LibreOffice 3.4 Beta 5 Released

The first beta of LibreOffice version 3.4 has been announced. This beta features a list of fixes, including English and German dictionary updates. A full run-through of the fixes, is available at the Changelog. Please note that the LibreOffice team will now only be using the “announce” mailing list to announce final and stable versions. Releases such as Beta 5 will be announced on the “projects,” “development” and “localisation” mailing lists.

Scala IDE for Eclipse with Scala 2.9.0 Compiler

Beta 4 of version 2.0.0 the Scala IDE for Eclipse, is out now. This release comes with version of the Scala compiler, and fixes a crash when using an empty Java Compiler Task tag list. The completion inside import statements have also been improved. This release requires Eclipse Helios.

0.7 Release of Gaelyk Groovy Toolkit

Version 0.7 of the Gaelyk toolkit for developing apps in Groovy for GAE, is now available. This release adds support for Google App Engine SDK 1.5.0, and leverages the recent Groovy version 1.8.0. Datastore metadata querying support, and minimal backend service support, have both been added. Variable files for accessing the File service in Groovlet and templates, backends for the BackendService, and lifecycle for the LifecycleManager, have also been added.

ScalaQuery 0.9.4 for Scala 2.9.0

ScalaQuery, the type-safe database API for Scala, has released version 0.9.4 for Scala 2.9.0. ScalaQuery offers session management based on JDBC Connections, and type-safe queries based on a query monad and combinators. ScalaQuery fully supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, H2, HSQLDB/HyperSQL, Derby/JavaDB, MS SQL Server, MS Access, and SQLite. The ScalaQuery source code can be downloaded from github. In this release, support for pure Subquery objects in SELECT expressions has been added, and UPDATE is now allowed against a table.

New JRuby for Max Project

A beta of the JRuby for Max 1.0 project, has been announced. This project builds on JRuby, and enables Ruby scripting for Max.MSP and Max for Live. The project can be downloaded from github.

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