Dzo Reaches 2.0.0

Update Database Schema With Dzo 2.0.0

Jessica Thornsby

New support for generating source code from jpa annotated beans with dzo 2.0.0.

Dzo has reached version 2.0.0. dzo uses a text file containing native create statements for database objects, and compares them against the database-schema. This creates the SQL statements needed to update the database schema. For apps that live in a Java EE or Tomcat application server, dzo can control the deployment process with a servlet that inspects and executes the necessary database changes, and deploys the application. Dzo works with MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server. The 2.0.0 release adds the classDestdir build-property for specifying where class-files are expanded, and childFirstClassLoader has been added for use when generating source code from jpa annotated beans. The “create user …” statement for MySQL is now handled.