Golang solutions

Golang and C++ interoperability: The reincarnation of OpenVPN’s C++ library

Go and C may share some commonalities, but when it comes down to it they are two very different languages. In this article, Robertas Visinskis, the founder of Mysterium Network, discusses the solution of integrating the C++ OpenVPN 3 library into a Golang Mysterium Node. Get a walkthrough of the obstacles involved.

Program a working IoT device in as little as five minutes!

Deploy your IoT devices to the cloud with the new Arduino IoT Cloud

Want to dip your toes into IoT? The Internet of Things just got a whole lot more accessible with Arduino IoT Cloud public beta! From hardware to firmware and cloud services, Arduino provides developers a user-friendly start-to-finish environment for IoT applications.

Are containers worth the effort?

Containers: Big opportunity or big distraction?

Containers are the future of scalability. However, should enterprises switch to a container-based infrastructure? David Fearne goes over the advantages and disadvantages of making the change for channel organizations.

Watch Jean-Francois Landreau and Gregor Hohpe's DevOpsCon 2017 session

Adopting DevOps? You are aiming at the wrong target!

Simply adopting DevOps will not make the trick to transform your organization. In this session, Jean-Francois Landreau and Gregor Hohpe reflect on the experience of truly transforming IT inside a large organization as opposed to simply adopting DevOps.

Smart home for the holidays

openHAB 2.4 brings new additions to your smart home

The latest release for the smart home system, openHAB, has plenty of improvements just in time for the holidays. OpenHAB 2.4 includes two new voice options and new device integrations. See what the HABot can do and what it’s new UI looks like.

Research, design, testing, and iteration *before* developers write a line of code

Collaboration between developers and product design specialists is essential

Developers hate change requests. When someone changes their mind, this means fresh coding, fresh QA testing, and extra work for everybody. This is inefficient and not terribly productive if you are building the same thing multiple times. Debbie Levitt explains why this can be mostly or wholly avoided when engineering collaborates with UX.