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Where does all the data go?

No, you don’t store data on the blockchain – here’s why

Blockchain is going through a lot of growing pains and there’s a lot of hidden costs that come along with it. Blockchain won’t be able to disrupt any real-world industry unless the problem of data storage is resolved. What are the alternatives? Some of them are more decentralized than others, some are cheaper than others – but they all work.

Ram Lakshmanan writes...

Automating – OutOfMemoryError troubleshooting

The OutOfMemoryError can be a real pain to troubleshoot, and it’s still done manually for the most part, even in this day and age. Ram Lakshmanan teaches you how to automate troubleshooting and identifying the root cause of this error.

Some key advantages

Why use Vue.js for UI web development?

If you are looking to start a new project and you are not sure if Vue.js would be the right choice for you, Dmitry Reshetchenko offers an overview of the popular framework, its use cases, and advantages.

Don’t knock it until you try it

How value stream management can provide a clear way forward

Value stream management is less an empty buzzword and more a fresh way of thinking. However, many businesses may be cautious to adopt. In this article, Bob Davis explains why VSM may be the right solution for your organization.

Just finding the right flow

Git secrets unveiled: Branching models and workflows for SCM systems

Source control management systems (SCM) are a part of the standard equipment of a software developer. Despite their daily usage, there are still many helpful techniques that are largely unknown. There are quite a lot of SCM tools [1]. This article refers to the freely available, distributed SCM tool Git that has a very high relevance due to its widespread use. And with only a few adaptations many of the here presented practises can also be applied to other solutions as well, for example, subversion.

Bringing data back – Overcoming common issues for DataOps teams

What most large organisations are missing is a unified view of their data applications. Without this, there is no magic bullet to improve your data operations, make applications reliable and improve overall system and application delivery efficiency. Kunal Agarwal, CEO of Unravel Data, talks about some common challenges for data operations teams and how to overcome them.

New features, secure workflow enhancements, general improvements, and bug fixes

HashiCorp’s Vault 1.1 introduces significant new functionality

HashiCorp’s Vault hit 1.0 in December 2018 and even though it marked a major milestone, the latest release is no less impressive; Vault 1.1 introduces significant new functionality. This version arrives with a bunch of new features, secure workflow enhancements, general improvements, and bug fixes in tow.

Don’t let the database derail your containerisation cloud journey

Containerisation is potentially the biggest milestone of the ongoing cloud revolution. However, there are a few obstacles still standing in the way. Anil Kumar, the Director of Product Management at Couchbase, discusses the obstacles and explains why revolutions will only benefit the business if the entire organisation is brought along.

Sing louder and improve your search analytics

How to supercharge Elasticsearch with Siren

Search has evolved from information retrieval into big data analytics. In this article, Giovanni Tummarello explains how you can improve your search analytics with Siren for data visualization, joins across backends, and more!

Getting things sorted whether they are coming or going

Incoming and outgoing references in Eclipse MAT

Got memory issues? Worried about your heap dump analysis? In this article, Ram Lakshmanan explains how you can solve memory issues for heap dump analysis with Eclipse MAT by checking your incoming and outgoing references.