Smart home for the holidays

openHAB 2.4 brings new additions to your smart home

The latest release for the smart home system, openHAB, has plenty of improvements just in time for the holidays. OpenHAB 2.4 includes two new voice options and new device integrations. See what the HABot can do and what it’s new UI looks like.

Research, design, testing, and iteration *before* developers write a line of code

Collaboration between developers and product design specialists is essential

Developers hate change requests. When someone changes their mind, this means fresh coding, fresh QA testing, and extra work for everybody. This is inefficient and not terribly productive if you are building the same thing multiple times. Debbie Levitt explains why this can be mostly or wholly avoided when engineering collaborates with UX.

Watch Roland Huß speak at DevOpsCon 2018

How common problems can be solved when developing cloud native applications for Kubernetes

The way we design, develop, and run applications on cloud native platforms like Kubernetes differs significantly from the traditional approach. DevOpsCon speaker Roland Huß looks at a collection of common patterns for developing cloud native applications. After this session, you will have a solid overview of how common problems can be solved when developing cloud native applications for Kubernetes.

Microservices to the rescue

Microservices and test automation

Can we really bring microservices to QA and test automation? You’d be surprised. In this article, Maxim Chernyak explains how developers can integrate microservices into their automated testing procedures without too much trouble.


Full speed ahead: GraalVM 1.0-RC9 is here

The GraalVM team is hard at work! After GraalVM 1.0-RC8 was released less than a month ago, RC9 is ready to see the light of day. Let’s have a look at the most important changes in this release.