Better containerized JVMs in JDK 10

There is a significant amount of work going into JDK10 to support containerized JVMs. In this post, Oracle’s Matthew Gilliard will show how the next release of the JDK will be container-aware.

Updating Agile for the DevOps decade

Agile development and security: Are you doing it right?

Agile development is great for a lot of things. However, it’s important to remember security issues in the development process. In this article, Jessica Cyrus goes over the best ways to make sure security concerns are adressed properly in the Agile development process.

Major revisions for Spring Data

Spring Data Kay is here

Spring Data’s long awaited Kay release is now live. What’s new for this release? Lots, including tons of new features, upgraded compatibility, and more fun for the whole Spring Data family.

The road to code

Abstraction: Down on the upside

Abstraction is a question of less over more. But is it also a question of high over low? It turns out that the common way of describing abstractions in terms of high-level and low-level hides a number of assumptions. JAX London speaker Kevlin Henney explains how we often look at abstraction the wrong way up (or down).

Interview with Dr. Jessica Barker

“There is a lot of fear in general surrounding cyber security”

Cyber security is more relevant than ever with high-profile data breaches in the news practically every other day. We caught up Dr. Jessica Barker after her keynote speech, “Cyber Security Myths and Monsters: Understanding the Human Nature of Cyber Security”, last month at JAX.