TIOBE Index for June 2018

TypeScript finally joins the TIOBE top 100

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Slow and steady wins the race as TypeScript finally joins the TIOBE top 100. This month on the programming pop charts, Java continues to dominate, SQL and R show improvement, and Go drops another spot or two.

What’s the what with TIOBE this month? June 2018 has proven to be an interesting one for our favorite programming language index. What does this mean for your favorite programming language?

The TIOBE Programming Community index charts the popularity of various programming languages, showing what’s in vogue among developers. It’s a lagging indicator, but it does show the breadth and diversity of the field quite well.

Here’s the TIOBE Index for June 2018.


TIOBE Index for June 2018

TypeScript makes the top 100

Big news this month as TypeScript finally debuts at #93 on the TIOBE Index Top 100. While many are vocal about their love for this MS language, it’s never been too popular across a widespread audience. Things seem to be changing though, and it’s finally cracked the top 100. Sure, this may not seem too impressive, but for all the shuffling around, the TIOBE list is fairly static; it takes a lot of positive or negative groundswell to move a language around significantly.

Why has this popular strict superset of JavaScript finally made it? Well, it can be used to develop JavaScript applications or Node.js server-side execution. TypeScript is generally regarded as much safer than JavaScript due to its type annotations. As such, it’s been a popular choice for Google, Microsoft, and other major players in the field.

Realistically, TypeScript’s safe nature and strong support means that it is likely to stay around for some time.

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Other changes of note on the TIOBE Index include SQL’s steady presence as it maintains a regular spot at #9. SQL rejoined the index in February of this year, as it finally made it to Turing complete. Although it may look like the language has grown a considerable amount, this is just a statistical outlier and not to be counted.

Who’s on the upswing? Compared to previous charts, R, Ruby, and Objective-C are on a notable rise, with PHP and Visual Basic growing as well. In particular, R’s popularity might have something to do with the recent popularity of data science and the utility of this web scraping language.

We should also take a look at some of the languages that are falling a bit: Perl, Swift, Assembly, Delphi/Object Pascal and Go are dropping a little on the charts. Perl has been on a downswing recently, along with Swift. But although Go’s positioning seems to be considerably lower, only time will tell if this is the start of a longer trend.

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