Tycho Verses Buckminster, B3, PDE Build and Athena?

Jessica Thornsby

Following the proposal of Tycho as an Eclipse project, Kai Kreuzer has posted a blog predicting big things for Tycho within the Eclipse ecosystem.

He cites Chris Aniszczyk’s adoption of Tycho for the JGit and EGit builds as a clear indication that Tycho is going to make waves within Eclipse. He acknowledges that Tycho has some competition, in the form of the Buckminster, B3, PDE Build and Athena projects but, in his opinion, this is a one-horse race.

“Seeing its current stability, its ease-of-use and all its possible synergies with the existing Maven tooling, I am pretty sure that it will win the race for being the preferred future build infrastructure for Eclipse/OSGi projects,” he writes.

However, Aniszczyk has pointed out that it isn’t as straightforward as Tycho being the ‘best’ tool. The requirements of the JGit and EGit projects, was what encouraged him to go with Tycho. JGit required Maven/p2 based artifacts, and EGit required p2 repos, and Tycho simply supported this type of build set up.

The full Tycho proposal, is now available at the Eclipse website.


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