Two New Releases From Apache Tomcat


The Apache Tomcat team have kicked off 2010 with two new releases: Apache Tomcat Native 1.1.19 stable, and version 6.0.24 of Apache Tomcat.

Apache Tomcat Native is an open source implementation of JavaServer Pages and Java Servlet. Version 1.1.19 introduces detection of the Mac OS X JVM, and fixes numerous bugs present in the previous 1.1.18 release.

Apache Tomcat Natives requires APR library, OpenSSL libraries and Java SE Development Kit (JDK) to run.

Meanwhile, Servlet and Java Server Pages container Apache Tomcat 6.0.24 addresses bugfixes present in Apache Tomcat 6.0.20, such as correcting Technology Compatibility Kit failures with security manager. In addition, The Eclipse JDT Java compiler is bundled with the binary Tomcat distributions, meaning that the complete Java Development Kit (JDK) is no longer required to run Tomcat 6. x. A Java Runtime Environment is now sufficient.

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