Two New OpenGL Specifications


The Khronos group have announced the simultaneous release of the OpenGL 3.3 specification and the OpenGL 4.0 specification.

The OpenGL 4.0 specification updates the 2D and 3D graphics API deployed on desktop operating systems. The specification aims to accelerate cross-platform graphics and functionality. The OpenGL 4.0 specification also updates the OpenGL Shading language, with the aim of enabling developers to access the latest generation of GPU acceleration with enhanced graphics quality, acceleration performance and programming flexibility. OpenGL 4.0 continues support for both the Core and Compatibility profiles, giving developers the option of using a streamlined API or retaining backwards compatibility with existing OpenGL code.

The OpenGL 4.0 specification was defined by the Khronos OpenGL ARB (Architecture Review Board.)

Meanwhile, the OpenGL 3.3 specification aims to make as much OpenGL 4.0 functionality as possible available on previous generation GPU hardware.

Both specifications are available to download now from the OpenGL Registry.