Go Daddy and Huawei also join the flock

Twitter ups open source cred with Apache sponsorship


Micro-blogging service Twitter has become the latest of Silicon Valley’s tech giants to sponsor the Apache Software Foundation (ASF)

Micro-blogging service Twitter has become the latest Silicon Valley tech giant to sponsor the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the organisation behind projects including the Hadoop database framework and the eponymous Apache HTTP Server. The San Francisco-based company joins the ASF’s roster of supporters at the bronze level, a status which requires an annual donation of $5,000.

“Sponsoring the ASF is not only the right thing to do, it will help us sustain our existing projects at the ASF by supporting the foundation’s infrastructure”, writes open source manager Chris Aniszczyk on the Twitter Engineering blog. “We have a long history of contributing to Apache projects, including not only Mesos, but also Cassandra, Hadoop, Mahout, Pig and more. As Twitter grows, we look to further our commitment to the success of the ASF and other open source organizations.”

The sponsorship will certainly help endear Twitter to the more socks-and-sandalled areas of the tech world, building on activities like last week’s open source release of the company’s in-house MySQL tweaks. But Twitter still has some way to go to catch up with its social media rivals in the philanthropy stakes — Facebook and Google both sit on the ASF’s list of platinum sponsors, contributing a whopping $100,000 each, alongside Microsoft and recent addition Citrix.

Joining the sponsors list yesterday, Twitter was accompanied by domain registrar Go Daddy and Chinese hardware firm Huawei, both of whom are now silver sponsors, contributing $20,000 each. Existing silver sponsors include Cloudera, Basis Technology and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg.

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