Top 5 web design trends for 2017

Hiren Patel
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Trends say a lot about the times we live in. Innovation has probably the biggest impact on all parts of our lives than anything else today. Did you know that your website may become obsolete after new trends come into play (and you ignore them)? Let’s identify the top 5 web design trends for next year.

Website design industry trends are in constant move, which is why the tools that you use today may become useless tomorrow.

Animation is only a small part of web design that has become more important than ever. The strategies and procedures for including movement in an interface may have changed but the final product is still a dynamic design with intuitive motivation.

This is what web design will look like next year

Websites are messier, more crowded and asymmetric

Leaders like Webby awards and TrendWatching suggest that messy, crowded and asymmetric websites are slowly transforming into a trend, which I accept is a response to the clean and somewhat dull flat design. This trend reminds me of Wired Magazine’s “Wrong theory”, where the symmetry has become extinct.

Animations are a safe bet

If you want your website to become wildly successful, all you need to do (apparently) is to shower it with flash animation and animated GIFs. Flat design gives the impression of being more trustworthy and even uninteresting. Mobile applications use movement to grab and maintain users’ attention.

Material design is going to become more widespread

Material Design will turn out to be more widespread than ever. The word is out: 2017 should be the year material design shines brightly.

Impatient users and unpretentious websites

Users want the websites they use to work flawlessly and no error is allowed. Everything is moving faster and as this happens, individuals are becoming impatient. For this reason, websites must be easy to comprehend, faster and unpretentious. Keep the design authentic and listen to what users really want — this is the recipe for success.

App-inspired design

If you have something which reminds the user of a vertical-oriented login screen or basically anything that does not resemble the standard menu bar design 2017 will be good to you.

Now that you’ve seen the web design trends that are likely to take 2017 by storm, remember that trends come and go and even though being up to date with the latest fads is crucial in web design, there are other aspects more important — like consistency.

Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel is a developer, designer, storyteller, thinker at iMOBDEV Technologies, a web design services & mobile app development company where most practiced developers have earned expertise for shaping up the user-friendly AR/VR apps for all possible platforms.

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