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Top 5 development tools for Ethereum

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Last year’s bitcoin craze may have popularized this new technology, but the underlying structure for blockchain is solid. Today, we take a look at five of our favorite tools for developing Ethereum.

Ethereum is one of the most popular decentralized platforms to run smart contracts. Built on the blockchain, Ethereum came to widespread attention last year as part of the bitcoin boom. However, despite the bullish market, the underlying technology is solid.

Here are five tools that we like the most for developing on the Ethereum platform. These are far from the only tools available. If we missed your favorite, let us know in the comments below!


Looking for a command line development management tool? Then Truffle might be what you’re looking for. Truffle is one of the most popular development frameworks for Ethereum. This development environment gives developers a configurable build pipeline with support for users.

Built-in smart contract compilation makes it easier for Ethereum dvelopers to link, deploy and manage binaries. Other features include automatic contract testing with Mocha and Chai, scriptable deployment and migrations framework, and an interactive console for direct contract communication. Truffle has even taken TestRPC under its wing!

More information about Truffle can be found here.

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Remix IDE

Remix IDE is an open source, browser-based compiler that enables users to write Solidity contracts. Developers can use Remix in the browser as well as locally. This powerful IDE is written in JavaScript and supports testing, debugging, and deploying of smart contracts.

While the interface can be a little complicated, it does come with its own code analyzer to make sure that developers can ensure they write the best code. Remix connects to the Ethereum blockchain through Metamask.

More information about Remix can be found here.


MetaMask is another browser-based tool for Ethereum. As a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, MetaMask allows allows developers to interact the Ethereum blockchain in a simple fashion. It provides a secure user interface for developers to manage their identities and sign blockchain transactions.

MetaMask makes it easy for developers to access or create a new Ethereum address, send transfers, and sign transactions with decentralized apps. The MetaMask team hosts a number of blockchain nodes for users to utilize. All users have to do is intall the extension and it automatically connects to MetaMask’s nodes.

More information about MetaMask can be found here.

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DAppBpard is the analytics platform for smart contracts. Given the crazy amount of new applications and transactions made daily on the Ethereum blockchain, DAppBoard provides a visual way to keep track of everything.

Users can keep track of how often various Ethereum applications are used and by how many users.  This board helps track over daily and weekly activity.

More information about DAppBoard can be found here.


Finally, Solidity is one of the most popular programming languages to write smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Influenced by C++, Python, and JavaScript, Ethereum was designed to target the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

It is statically typed. Solidity supports libraries, inheritance, and complex types. Right now, the best way to try out Solidity is with Remix, the web-based IDE.

More information about Solidity can be found here.

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Margaret Dobreva
Margaret Dobreva
3 years ago

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Nainesh Pandya
Nainesh Pandya
3 years ago

Great information provided by you. Really helpful tools.

2 years ago

Here is Cobra Framework a fast and simple development environment framework for Ethereum smart contracts, testing framework

Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
2 years ago

Great to know about these tools. Thanks for the article.