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Top 10 Java stories of September: Java 13, JavaFX 13, and Jakarta EE 8

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Time for our monthly recap of everything that happened in the world of Java. What made the headlines? September was all about Java 13. Take a deep dive into the JDK’s new features and find out more about text blocks (and why they were worth the wait). Let’s take a look at the 10 hottest news items.

September was a busy month for Java, to put it mildly. Not only did we have the release of JFX 13 and Jakarta EE 8, but Java 13 also hit the scene with several new JEPs and feature previews. Even as the weather cools down, it seems that Java keeps heating up. Catch up on what’s included in the latest release of Java because time flies fast and before you know it, we will be ushering in Java 14.

These 10 stories, interviews, and articles are the must-reads for September, so get comfortable and start clicking!

PHP in decline: The rise and fall of a programming language

The top news of the month wasn’t necessarily about Java. Instead, this time we turned our attention to PHP. Although PHP is still a major programming language, and the number of projects on GitHub and its use in the enterprise attest to this, it has been slipping down a few popularity charts. The September TIOBE index claims that PHP is in decline and struggling to maintain its place in the top ten programming languages. Meanwhile, Java sits cozy at the number one spot.

Read about the current TIOBE language ranking here.

Kotlin vs Java: Which programming language to choose for your Android application

In the Android development community, usage for Kotlin continues to grow, especially since its introduction as a preferred language by Google in 2017. So, which language should you choose for developing your app for Android? This article goes over some of the benefits that developing in Kotlin has over Java. Can you find room in your heart to love both Java and Kotlin?

Read all about Kotlin for Android here.

Java 13 – a deep dive into the JDK’s new features

Every half a year, a new Java is here and this time, it’s lucky number 13. It’s time to dive deep into all the newest goodies. Java expert Falk Sippach celebrates the release of Java 13 in this article talking about what’s new, why it matters and what it means for the future of the programming language. One of the biggest changes is the replacement of the keyword break in the Switch Expression by yield. Check out which JEPs made the grade and learn more about the feature previews.

Read about the latest features here.

Java 13 – why text blocks are worth the wait

For a long time, Java developers had to take unattractive detours when formulating multi-line string literals, while enviously switching to Scala, Kotlin, Groovy and other languages. With JEP 355, text blocks are now being previewed in Java 13. Tim Zöller discusses new instance methods to the String class, their use cases, delimiters and formatting, and more.

Read all about text blocks here.

Top programming languages in 2019: Python sweeps the board

It’s Python’s world; we all just live in it. Python is fit for a king. A report from IEEE Spectrum shows that Python reigns in the enterprise, web, and embedded programming landscapes. Where does Java fit into the rankings?  Although Java holds down the fort as the top mobile programming language, C is not far behind, and Kotlin has been moving up the ranks as more and more Android developers turn to it for their mobile dev needs.

Read about the IEEE Spectrum report here.

JavaFX 13 released – the new frontier for OpenJFX

Let’s take a look at all the key features and changes of the new OpenJFX release. The next evolution for OpenJFX has arrived and now is the time for developers to kick the tires, take it for a spin and see what they think.

Read about JavaFX 13 here.

Jakarta EE 8 release – the future is now!

Let the games begin! Jakarta EE 8 is finally here! It heralds a new era for Enterprise Java, as finally the community can look forward to the platform’s faster development. To celebrate, we sat down with Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, Mike Milinkovich to talk about the first release of Java EE under the umbrella of the Eclipse Foundation.

Read the interview with Mike Milinkovich here.

Jabel: All the syntax of Java 12, targeted to Java 8

Not everyone migrates to the latest Java release right away. In fact, Java 8 is still dominating, especially in the enterprise and in open source libraries. So, what do you do when you want to use Java 12+ syntax, but all of your users are stuck in the past using Java 8? This Javac 12 hack allows you to target Java 8, but use Java 12+ syntax.

Read about Jabel here.

JavaFX 13 release interview with Johan Vos

Ground control to JAxenter: All systems are go! We sat down with Johan Vos, Java Champion and Gluon co-founder, to talk about what the new release has in store for developers, what his personal highlights of this new release are and what the future holds.

Read the interview with Johan Vos here.

OpenJFX 13 – “JavaFX gets its own identity”

To infinity and beyond (or at least up to 13)! We spoke to Dirk Lemmermann, Java Champion and regular committer in the ControlsFX open source project. What does he enjoy about this new release, what does it bring, and what is on the horizon?

Read the interview with Dirk Lemmermann here.

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