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Top 10 Java stories of February: Java and software trends in 2020, Angular 9 & GraalVM

Maika Möbus
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It’s a leap year, so February had even more exciting news and stories to offer than usual. We published the preliminary results to our own Java survey, but had a look at other surveys as well—and Angular 9 was finally released! In February, we also celebrated International Day of Women & Girls in Science.

In February 2020, we welcomed several new releases, including Angular 9 and GraalVM 20.0, and the first Java Enhancement Proposal (JEP) of the year landed. So let’s dive right in and take a look at the top 10 most clicked stories of the month.

Java trends: Top 10 Frameworks in 2020

The hottest topic of the month was our JAXenter survey about current trends in the Java ecosystem: In our first post on the preliminary results, we had a look at the most popular application frameworks and web frameworks. You can look forward to our other results that will be published soon!

Read February’s top post here.

Test automation framework Karate reaches milestone release

Karate 0.9.5 was released in February, and the test automation framework wins the silver trophy in our top stories. It is open source and was developed as an alternative to Selenium, combining API test-automation, mocks, performance-testing and UI automation. The milestone release that has a new debugger and other updates on board.

See here what the milestone release is all about.

Angular 9 – The Future of Angular with Ivy

Third place goes to Angular, and this is not the last we will see of it in our top 10. Angular 9 has the long-anticipated compiler Ivy on board. Ivy reduces bundle size, but that’s not all. It has great potential for the future of Angular! In this talk at International JavaScript Conference, Manfred Steyer explains the details.

Watch the video on Angular 9 here.

Top 2020 trends for software engineers: Hired survey insights

Using data from over 400,000 interview requests and surveying 1,600 software engineers, Hired released a report detailing the top trends for software engineers in 2020. They learned that the demand for AR/VR engineering roles is on the rise (with a growth of +1400%) and that software engineers are looking to learn more about machine learning.

See here what skills you need this year.

Today is International Day of Women & Girls in Science – so let’s celebrate!

International Day of Women & Girls in Science takes place annually on February 11. To celebrate the day, Sarah Daren took a look at female STEM specialists’ accomplishments, how to deal with obstacles that are keeping girls and women from pursuing a career in science, and how we can continue working towards gender equality.

Read our celebratory article here.

JEP 371: Hidden Classes in Java

The first Java Enhancement Proposal (JEP) of 2020 was sure to spark your interest: JEP 371 proposes to introduce “hidden classes”, which should improve how Java works with frameworks. In a future version of the programming language, dynamically created classes could be replaced by hidden classes in places.

See what exactly JEP 371 proposes.

Angular 9 is here – Ivy, Lazy Loading and more

As promised, here’s more Angular! Angular 9 brought Ivy in a backwards compatible version and, as a result, smaller bundles. In addition, the I18N solution was extensively revised and some corners rounded off. This provides new possibilities not only for the developer but also for future versions of Angular.

The article on Angular can be found here.

Top Java technologies in 2020 – JVM programming languages, IDEs, tools & more

We compared two current survey reports to find out about this year’s top three Java IDEs, frameworks, build tools and the most popular JVM languages. And, of course, the surveys conducted by Snyk and JRebel didn’t miss out on asking about the most used Java versions. The winner was no surprise, but what reasons speak against migrating?

Learn about the top Java technologies here.

Angular Schematics – The unknown hero

In ninth place, let’s say hello to Angular 9 again. Behind every great tool is a great library. Schematics is the unknown hero behind Angular CLI and also some upgrade tools. Ever wondered how scaffolding a component really happens or how you could insert some code in just the right place in the code file? Wonder no more.

Watch Chris Noring’s International JavaScript Conference session about Angular here.

GraalVM 20.0 adds new features for Java, JavaScript, Python & more

And, last but not least, GraalVM has made it into the top 10. The universal virtual machine supports different programming languages and is designed to run applications faster. GraalVM 20.0, the latest major version, has new features for Java, JavaScript, LLVM, Python, GraalVM Windows builds and more on board.

See what’s new in GraalVM 20.0 here.

Maika Möbus
Maika Möbus has been an editor for Software & Support Media since January 2019. She studied Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

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