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Top 10 Java stories of April: Micronaut benchmarks, software development in the 2020s & more

Maika Möbus
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Every month, we take a look back at our top ten most clicked topics. Last month was packed full of exciting stories, interviews, and new releases: We welcomed the new versions of Visual Studio Code and Node.js, looked into trending programming languages and GitHub projects, and highlighted seven important JVM arguments.

Although we are nearing the middle of the year, predictions were still going strong in April 2020: an article on the future of software development has made it into the top three of our most clicked topics. New releases in April included Node.js 14 and VS Code 1.44, and we also learned the reasons for the migration of the language learning app Duolingo from Java to Kotlin.

Here are the ten most clicked news stories of the month.

Micronaut benchmarks: Faster than Quarkus and Spring Boot?

First place goes to a benchmark report: OCI Grails & Micronaut Product Lead and Principal Software Engineer, Graeme Rocher, published a report comparing the speeds of Micronaut, Quarkus, and Spring Boot on JDK 14. Which is the fastest and which has the lowest memory consumption?

Read our top story of April here.

3 areas of software development that will define the 2020s

Everywhere you look, the 2020s are going to be an exciting time for developers of all stripes, and the best among them will have their pick of cutting edge projects to work on. See what areas of software development are already changing and will continue to grow.

See what may happen in the 2020s here.

Women in Tech: “There are opportunities for remote work women could tap into”

Women are underrepresented in the tech sector —myth or reality? Three years ago, we launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention. In April, we interviewed Catherine Tabor, Founder of Sparkfly, and it was the third most clicked article of the month.

Read the interview with Catherine Tabor here.

VS Code 1.44 includes a stable release of Timeline view & Python tutorials

Microsoft’s source code editor Visual Studio Code received its monthly update in April, named after the previous month as always. The March 2020 update brought Timeline view out of preview mode but didn’t forget to add new features as well, and it also closed several accessibility issues that the community had reported.

See what happened in VS Code 1.44 here.

Duolingo migrates from Java to Kotlin, reducing line count 30%

In April, Duolingo joined the list of companies switching their Android application code from Java to Kotlin. Duolingo’s developers found that by changing the code base to Kotlin, they reduced the line count by 30% on average, and up to 90% in some cases.

Learn more about why Duolingo chose Kotlin here.

Node 14 released with diagnostic reports as stable feature

Node.js 14 arrived last month, and the major release brought a stable version of the diagnostic reports introduced in Node 12. Also, the support status for ES Modules changed once again, and with the upgrade to V8 8.1, the latest language features have reached Node.

See what’s new in Node 14 here.

My approach had to show not just the “what,” but even more so the “how.”

The birth of domain-driven design dates back to 2003. Eric Evans’ book “Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software” was a milestone and is still widely read today. The book “Implementing Domain-Driven Design” by Vaughn Vernon has also contributed significantly to the spread of DDD. We talked to Vaughn about the motivation and core ideas behind DDD and its relationship to microservices and reactive architectures.

Read the interview with Vaughn Vernon here.

7 JVM arguments of highly effective applications

There are way too many JVM arguments for anyone to digest and comprehend. The grand total might easily be more than 1,000 JVM arguments! In this article, we highlighted seven important JVM arguments that you may find useful and what their positive impacts are.

Find out about the 7 JVM arguments here.

The trendy five: March 2020 open source faves from GitHub

In April, it was time to round up some of the coolest, most interesting, and best open source GitHub repositories of the previous month. We took a look at a mathematical animation engine, an experimental toolchain from Facebook, and a Kubernetes IDE.

See what was trending on GitHub here.

Scratch claws its way up into top 20 programming languages

A new surprising entry to the TIOBE Index cracked the top 20, and our news about it made it into our top ten stories of April. Scratch, an introductory programming language helping children learn programming fundamentals, entered the chart. See where other languages ranked and how Scratch helps anyone code.

Read about the TIOBE Index here.

Maika Möbus
Maika Möbus has been an editor for Software & Support Media since January 2019. She studied Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

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