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Top 10 Java stories of March: Java 14, Concurnas, Clojure & more

Maika Möbus
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Every month, we take a look back at our top ten most clicked topics. Last month, Java 14 was released, so we interviewed an illustrious round of Java experts to hear their thoughts about the latest release. We also learned about a new JVM language, Concurnas, from its creator, and listed some advantages of using Clojure. And, since developers are in a unique position to help fight the pandemic while working from home, we shared some open source ideas.

In March 2020, the latest language version Java 14 arrived in line with the new six-month release cadence—but while Java 14 makes up most of our top ten stories of the month, it doesn’t top our list. Let’s dive right in and take a look at the the most clicked stories of the month.

Clojure: a mature alternative to Java

Our most clicked news was not about Java this time, but Clojure! As Michiel Borkent and Martin van Amersfoorth explained, this programming language enables you to write programs that are better and more flexible, and above all makes you much more productive than using Java. By now the language has proven itself in the industry. Perhaps a good reason for you to switch to Clojure?

See the ten advantages of using Clojure here.

Introducing new JVM language Concurnas

Second place goes to another JVM programming language as well—Concurnas. It’s not every day that a new JVM language is born unto the world, so to celebrate the arrival of Concurnas we published a complete introduction to the programming language by creator Jason Tatton. Concurnas has modern syntax and features, is open source and has GPU computing built in, which opens up the possibility for machine learning applications.

See what Concurnas can do here.

Java 14 – “It feels like the early days of Java.”

And now, on to Java! Java 14, which we had been keeping a close eye on, arrived in March. For the release of the latest version, we talked to Java expert Dr. Heinz Kabutz. What does he like and dislike about Java 14? What is he currently working on? What does he still find disturbing in 2020?

Read the full interview with Dr. Heinz Kabutz here.

Java 14 – “Java is very busy copying features from other languages”

We also spoke to software developer Jens Schauder about Java 14. Read the interview to find out what features he is most excited about, how Java compares to other languages, and why the number of additional features does not define how relevant a programming language is.

Read Jens Schauder’s thoughts on Java 14 here.

Java 15: Fourth JEP proposed to target JDK 15

Next stop, Java 15! Yes, now that Java 14 is out in the wild, we’ve got our eyes set on the next destination, JDK 15. We will be keeping track of all the Java 15 news throughout its development, so we launched a brand-new update thread. It’s already starting to take shape, with a fourth JEP proposed to target.

See what’s planned for Java 15 here.

Road to Angular 10: Angular 9.1.0 has arrived with TypeScript 3.8 support

The final version of Angular 9 was released in February 2020, which means the road to Angular 10 has begun. We are keeping close tabs on the new releases. After three release candidates, Angular 9.1.0 arrived in March, and it will be the last v9.x release before work on Angular 10 begins.

Find our Angular 10 update thread here.

How To Securely Program in Java in 2020

In this article, we took a look at five principles that should be followed when coding in Java in 2020. Ideally, these principles should be integrated into a DevSecOps process, in which security is built into development from the ground up, but they are equally useful for auditing legacy code.

Read more about Java security here.

COVID-19 vs open source: How developers are fighting the virus

Programmers are in a unique position where not only can they typically work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they can help lend a hand. Help fight COVID-19 and donate your computing power, help create a community app, and keep on social distancing!

See how you can help here.

Software development trends: Top tools and methodologies

No one can accurately predict where software development is headed, but we can make some educated guesses using trends and data. In March, we took a look at where we might be headed in terms of remote work, tools, tech, and agile methodologies in 2020.

Learn about the latest trends here.

JavaFX 14: “There’s no need to use an older version of JavaFX when doing mobile development any more.”

JavaFX 14 rounds off our top ten most clicked news. To celebrate the next step in JavaFX’s story, we sat down with Johan Vos, Java Champion and Gluon co-founder, to talk about what the new release has in store, what his personal highlights are and what the future holds for JavaFX.

Read all about JavaFX 14 here.

Maika Möbus
Maika Möbus has been an editor for Software & Support Media since January 2019. She studied Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

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