FluidDB-based Tool

Tickery is Now Open Source Under the Apache License

Jessica Thornsby

Tickery, the FluidDB-based tool for finding new Twitter friends to follow, is now open sourced under the Apache License.

Tickery is now open source under the Apache License!

Tickery is a tool for exploring sets of Twitter friends and finding new people to follow. It can be used to find out who pairs of Twitter users follow in common, and whether these two users follow each other. It uses the Twitter API to secure information about users.

Tickery was written in Python and built using open source tools, including Twisted, Pyjamas, txFluidDB and txRDQ. It is built on top of FluidDB and at the announcement, the Tickery team state they wanted to open source Tickery in order to “show other developers the insides of a non-trivial application that uses FluidDB.”



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