Critical security fixes

Three new Java updates available

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Oracle have released three critical updates in the Java SE 8 Update 25 – including 8u25, 7u71 and 7u72.

Critical security fixes have been made in the Java SE 8 Update 25. The use of JRE 8u20 in connection with Japanese and Chinese characters on Windows systems which previously led to a crash have now been resolved. Other fixes refer to Oracle components such as database, Fusion Middleware and Oracle Enterprise Manager.

To further clarify whether your system has been affected, Oracle has issued the Critical Patch Update. In any case, an update to the latest version is recommended.

Java 7u71 and 7u72 updates

Two updates were released for Java SE 7. The 7u71 is a Critical Patch Update (CPU) as the update mentioned above eliminates 8u25 critical security vulnerabilities.

The update 7u72 was also released, however, it is a so-called Patch Set Update (PSU), in which all the security fixes from the CPUs and additional non-critical bug fixes are included.

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Oracle now provides the corresponding PSU update for each Critical Patch Update. The PSU update is recommended but only if your own system is also affected by the additional bug fixes.

For more information about the updates, please see the Release Notes (8u25 , 7u71 + 7u72). The next scheduled update cycle is scheduled for January 20, 2015.

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