JAX London Welcomes OSGi Alliance a Conference Partners

Third Day of JAX London

Jessica Thornsby

JAX London attendees get an introduction to concurrent code, BIRT, and architecturing – the martial arts way!

For the third day of JAX London, we welcomed the OSGi Alliance as our conference partners, with a full OSGi DevCon program running in parallel to JAX London sessions.

JAX speaker Thilo Frotscher went beyond the WS-Security standard and introduced session attendees to Secure Token Service, and single sign-on for services and standards such as WS-SecureConversation. Afterwards, Dierk König delivered a session on the tools that are available to the Java developer who wishes to start their journey with concurrent code. Meanwhile, Ted Neward introduced us to the concept of katas – an ancient tradition with roots in the martial arts – and how these can be applied to turn an architect newbie, into a great architect.

The OSGi Alliance presented several case studies on building home networking services on home gateway, in Takefumi Yamazaki’s ‘Case Study Report on i-House experiments using intermediate service platform based on OSGi technology’ and conference attendees were introduced to the Bndtools Eclipse-based development environment in the ‘Rapid Bundle Development with Bndtools for Eclipse’ session.

Later on today, JAX speaker Mica Block will run a double-whammy of sessions for BIRT fans, with a twenty-minute BIRT overview, before diving into a live demo session in ‘Interactivity: Giving Your Users What They Want.’

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