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The top 25 social influencers in Java

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Which Java programmers have the most influence on Twitter? The JAX team has trawled thousands of tech accounts to find 25 Twitter profiles that belong in every Java developer’s Twitter stream.

Following the success of its ranking in finance technology experts, the JAX team has created a ranking Java’s biggest social influencers. The study has analysed thousands of leading profiles from Java community and ranked the top accounts according to their link strength, reach and social influence.

No big surprise: Martin Fowler tops the list of influencers on

No big surprise: Martin Fowler tops the list of influencers on


It should be no big surprise for most Java programmers to see Martin Fowler leading the ranking. But there’s several more prominent Twitter accounts sending out impulses through the Java community that not all enterprise programmers may already know. We’ve picked some of our favourites from the ranking.

JetBrains developer and active Java blogger Trisha Gee is a top name known to previous JAX London attendees. Her high social influence ranking is can be explained with a quote from a recent interview on JAXenter: “[developers should] talk to people – don’t let society fool you into thinking techies are supposed to communicate only with computers.”

Java aficionado, jOOQ founder and JAX London speaker Lukas Eder scores well with what has to be one of the most entertaining Java accounts on Twitter.

JavaOne Rockstar Arun Gupta ranks highly with his regular updates on all things JVM, JUG, Red Hat CouchBase and Minecraft.

Tim Berglund‘s influence goes well beyond Java, with Tweets on matters related to the JVM ecosystem, GitHub, Cassandra, Groovy, Scala and beyond:

To see all 25 of Java’s biggest social influencers, check out the full list on

The Java influencer list was generated on the basis of Klout scores (which analyses influence across various networks and websites) and MozRank (which calculates a quality of links to a given profile or page) among several thousand popular tech Twitter profiles.

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