Apache Leave JCP

The recent Java SE 7 vote was the last chance for the JCP EC.

Jessica Thornsby

The Apache Software Foundation concludes that that JCP is not an open specification process.

The Apache Software Foundation have followed through with their threat to leave the JCP if the JSR votes passed, and have resigned their seat on the Java SE/EE Executive Committee, ending a ten year run on the Executive Committee. The ASF was ratified to serve this term by 95% of the voting community.

“The recent Java SE 7 vote was the last chance for the JCP EC to demonstrate that the EC has any intent to defend the JCP as an open specification process, and demonstrate that the letter and spirit of the law matter,” say Apache. They accuse Oracle of failing to uphold their responsibilities under the JSPA by refusing Apache Harmony a TCK license for Java SE, and issuing a Java SE 7 specification license and request that restrict the distribution of independent implementations of said spec, and preventing independent open source implementations from being distributed.

The ASF previously encouraged other EC members to join them in a vote against Java SE 7, calling this vote their “only real power on the JCP .” Now, they accuse the EC of refusing to stand up for the rights of implementers and allowing the integrity of the JCP to be broken. “The Apache Software Foundation concludes that JCP is not an open specification process…the commercial concerns of a single entity, Oracle, will continue to seriously interfere with and bias the transparent governance of the ecosystem.”

Apache have already informed the JCP’s Program Management Office that they have resigned, effective immediately. The ASF will now remove all official representatives from all the JSRs, and refuse any renewal of the JCP membership and EC position.

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