Introducing the Java Museum

The Java Museum – 20 years of Java quotes, memories and photos

Coman Hamilton
The Java Museum is officially open!

To celebrate 20 years of Java, you are cordially invited to the Java Museum – a community sourced collection of curious artefacts, vintage links and fond memories from 20 years of Java.

The world’s first Java Museum of programming history has arrived – collecting community memories, quotes and photos from the Java ecosystem.

Populated by the Java community and curated by JAXenter, the Java Museum is a new space on the internet dedicated to archiving and exhibiting the weird and wonderful moments of Java programming history.


Java Museum artefacts and exhibits

Tweet an artefact

Is there an important ‘exhibit’ missing? The Java Museum welcomes submissions from the community – in fact, that’s the whole idea! We want developers everywhere to submit Java memories, moments and more.

It can be an important line of code, a landmark event, a memorable quote or even a photo – anything that belongs in a museum about Java and its surrounding ecosystem. Just tweet your artefact to @JavaMusuem or email, and it will be added to the museum.

Coman Hamilton
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