Indigo Arrives!

The Eclipse Indigo Release Train Arrives On Time

Jessica Thornsby

62 projects and 46 million lines of code are released!

The Eclipse Indigo Release Train has arrived! The 2011 annual release train consists of 62 projects and 46 million lines of code, contributed by 408 committers.

“We are very proud to celebrate another on-time annual release train from the Eclipse community,” states Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “This release has a long list of new features, especially for Java developers. Features such as Git support, Maven and Hudson integration, a great GUI builder in WindowBuilder, and our new Jubula testing tool will, I am sure, motivate developers to try Indigo.”

This release sees Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF), Eclipse Runtime Packaging Project, Eclipse Scout, EMF Facet, Jubula Functional Testing Tool, Maven Integration, Object Teams and the WindowBuilder GUI builder, join the release train. Other updates, include Riena version 3.0, which supports the creation of web browser applications using Eclipse RAP, and Equinox 3.7, which implements the OSGi 4.3 specification, including the use of generic signatures and capabilities.

This is the eighth successive year where the Eclipse community has shipped a coordinated release on schedule, which has led Ian Bull to comment “I would like to challenge you to find another piece of software that has consistently delivered On-Time since 2001.” Indigo can be downloaded now. readers can follow Ekkehard Gentz’s Indigo Highlights series, to read all about the exciting updates that arrived with the release train.

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