JAX 2015 Session

The dark art of Performance Tuning – From Newts to Newton

JAXenter Editorial Team

Performance tuning is still considered to be a dark art that could not be easily formalized, scheduled into a predictable workflow.

However, there are some common patterns all performance engineers could follow in their investigations. This session describes some approaches and tools to analyze modern application performance problems in Java. During the session a number of best practices are presented that eliminate the need for magic to help you meet your performance goals.

kirk20pepperdine_0_0_3Kirk Pepperdine has been working in high performance and distributed computing for nearly twenty years. His focus has primarily been on performance, working on architecting, developing, and tuning applications running on Cray and other high performance computing platforms. Kirk now specializes in Java, where he works in all aspects of performance and tuning in each phase of a project life cycle. Author, speaker, consultant, Kirk was recognized as a 2006 Java Champion recipient for his contributions to the Java community.
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