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The AS factor: shortlist of JBoss names revealed

Elliot Bentley

JBoss AS is to be renamed either BaseJump, WildFly, jBeret, Petasos or Jocron, as proposed by the community.

The search for a new name for JBoss Application Server continues, but it appears that crowd-sourcing a name takes longer than JBoss employees had originally anticipated. Originally set to be announced last week at Devoxx, the final name now will be announced early next year.

However, it will definitely be one of the following: BaseJump, WildFly, jBeret, Petasos or Jocron.

In a post-Devoxx blog post, Little admitted that he was initially worried not enough names would be proposed to choose from. “How wrong I was,” he wrote. “We received over 2000 names and from that there were almost as many unique entries.”

This may have come as a source of relief to the JBoss AS team, who had to follow up the original announcement with a clarification as to what was changing and why.

Yet each of these 2000 prospective names were then subjected to an “exhaustive search” by Red Hat’s legal team in order to ensure the name was available for use. Presumably, this involved more than just checking on Google.

The process took so long, said Little, that they had no choice but to abandon the idea of announcing the name at Devoxx, instead using their conference session to announce the shortlist, which was picked by a panel of JBoss employees.

Each shortlisted name comes with a brief explanation: ‘BaseJump’ is said to reflect how “the JBoss AS project and its skilled community” share the same traits as base jumpers; ‘jBeret’ is inspired by JBoss founder Marc Fleury’s paratrooper past (and choice of headgear when acquired by Red Hat); while Jocron is “a blank canvas, awaiting meaning and context from the community”.

The full descriptions are available at, which is also where community members can vote for their favourite. The newly-updated timetable lists 30 November as the final deadline, with the winning name announced in “early 2013”.

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