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Testing management: TestRails v6.0 adds Docker support

Sarah Schlothauer
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TestRails, a web-based test management system for teams reaches a new milestone with version 6.0. How can this test management software help your teams implement Agile methodologies and help streamline your testing workflow? See what the latest changes are and its test management features.

Implementing agile technologies across your team often means adopting new software and tools that help keep team members connected and actively collaborating. TestRail is a web-based testing management for teams that can either exist on your own server or hosted. This tool can help teams streamline their workflow and implement more Agile software development methodologies.

The software hits a new milestone with its 6.0 release, announced on July 20, 2019. Version 6.0 includes Docker support and a brand new user interface. Let’s take a look at some of the TestRail current features and what the latest upgrade adds.

Testing management features

Some of the current features of TestRail:

  • Web-based: Use it on your own server, or have it hosted by TestRail.
  • One central screen: Users can manage and organize testing in one common area. Access active testing and view previous test results.
  • Test case management: Manage test details, including the ability to add screenshots, expected results, and customized fields. Add project milestones, and filter, sort, and group results.
  • Stay organized: Use suites and sections to keep every test case in its correct place.
  • Tool integration: Integrates with other commonly used tools including JIRA, GitHub, Redmine, and Visual Studio.
  • Team size variety: Useable for both small and larger teams.

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Take a tour of all the features.

Upgraded to v6.0

Let’s see what the recent additions to version 6.0 include. These changes are available for all TestRail users.

  • User-interface improvements: New themes added, including the default Modern theme and an eye-strain saving Dark theme. Users with a preference for the old UI can change their interface, reverting back to “Classic Mode”.

Dark mode UI. Source.

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  • Docker support: Version 6.0 adds support for Docker. Now, users can install on-prem instances using Docker containers. According to the new version announcement blog by Gurock: “Using Docker containers to configure, install and manage your TestRail instance streamlines the whole process of downloading and setting up TestRail on your own server. No longer do you need to fiddle around with the various aspects of setting up a web server, PHP, a database, IonCube, etc. From now on, installing TestRail can be as simple as downloading the Docker containers and spinning them up according to your preferred configuration.” View the repo for Docker support on GitHub.

This release does not include any bug fixes and does not close any issues, however. Explore the TestRail discussion board to see some of the current open issues and requested features.

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