Blazemeter at the crossroads with JMeter

Testing cloud BlazeMeter tap into JMeter with analytics plug-in

Chris Mayer

Giving back to the project that spawned their company, Blazemeter offer a new free plug-in for deeper analytics testing

The company behind load testing cloud tool BlazeMeter have announced the release of a plugin for Apache JMeter, the inspiration for their spinoff product.

In a move that is giving back to the Apache project which spawned the advanced load-stress analyser with a cloud flavour, BlazeMeter will provide a free commercial-grade tool to the developers using JMeter. This means they can reap the rewards BlazeMeter offers, looking deeper into how their web application deals with load testing. With Blazemeter’s hosted cloud application, JMeter developers can compare reports, metrics and KPIs.

Crossover between the two is also possible as you can easily integrate BlazeMeter’s advanced cloud-based reporting and test management tools directly on their JMeter desktop software. JMeter has been around since 2001 at the Apache Software Foundation, but things have progressed somewhat in web applications in what customers want to ascertain.

“These powerful analytics tools help developers compare reports, metrics and KPIs, easily collaborate to fix bugs and quickly bring applications into production,” said Alon Girmonsky, Founder & CEO of BlazeMeter. “With the new plug-in, all test related data is automatically uploaded to a hosted cloud application. Developers can view and compare test results with previous test runs. They can share their reports with co-workers and save them for further analysis at a later time.”

Companies currently ‘blazing it’ include ITV, Toyota and Logica. It’s nice to see a company spawned through an open source project give back to the community that paved the way. You can download BlazeMeter’s free JMeter plug-in through their Knowledge Base.

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