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Technology trends 2017: These are the most popular cloud platforms

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Earlier this year we invited you to fill out our annual survey — its aim was to find out which technology topics will be especially important for you in 2017. Today’s the day! It’s time for the big unveiling.

Technology trends 2017

One month, 900+ respondents. Our annual technology trends survey came to an end last month, so now it’s time to find out what topics will be especially important for you in 2017.

Last week, we revealed the most popular tools so it’s only fair that we focus on the top cloud platforms now.

How high is the cloud on your priority list?

In the fourth part of our survey evaluation, we take a look at the cloud platforms. You know the drill: we asked you to assess the relevance of a number of cloud platforms and you delivered. But let’s see how beloved cloud computing is first.

We started by asking you about your interest in cloud technologies and, according to the results, the cloud is a very relevant topic for you this year. As you can see in the figure below, cloud computing is the runner-up in the “General IT topics” section.

JAXenter technology trends 2017 survey

Cloud platforms: The winners

What cloud platforms do you prefer? What cloud platforms are your least favorite? Let’s have a look at the results.

Amazon Web Services is the obvious winner (63.2 percent), followed by Google Cloud Platform (46.8 percent). There’s not much of a difference between the next three platforms namely

  • Microsoft Azure — 33.7 percent
  • Spring Cloud — 31.9 percent
  • OpenStack — 30.7 percent

OpenShift, Cloud Foundry and IBM Bluemix are also on the list.

JAXenter technology trends 2017 survey

That’s a wrap. These were the most popular cloud platforms this year.

SEE ALSO:  HashiCorp founder Mitchell Hashimoto — “It’s safe now to move to the cloud” and readers had about a month to weigh in on how this year’s technology trends should look like. The survey was organized into ten sections:

  • Languages
  • UI Technologies
  • Web Frameworks
  • Microservices / Dev Frameworks
  • Cloud Platforms / Technologies
  • Continuous Delivery & Automatization
  • DevOps, Container & Service Discovery
  • Data Storage & Processing
  • Software Architecture
  • More & mixed things

More than 900 people have filled out to the survey — we’d like to thank you all for your interest and for allowing us to paint a very representative picture of the technology trends the Java community is interested in this year.


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