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Technology trends for 2017: New Year’s resolutions

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2017 is finally here, so it’s time to see which technology trends might become important this year. We asked six people to talk about their New Year’s (technology) resolutions.

Some say 2016 was a good year for technology, others are happy 2017 is finally here. No matter how good or bad 2016 was,  this is a new chapter so we’d better make it count. After talking about person technology highlights and seeing what went wrong in 2016, it’s time to take a look at some New Year’s (technology) resolutions.

We asked six people to name their New Year’s (technology) resolutions.

6 answers: What would you like to occupy yourself with in 2017?

Lukas Eder: Historically, I’ve been an Oracle Database guy with a great amount of experience tuning productive Oracle systems. But Microsoft SQL Server is really getting a lot of traction, and I do hope I’ll be able to get my hands dirty with SQL Server next year.

I’ll also finally run an online SQL training, and write some SQL books, which are long overdue.

Microsoft SQL Server is really getting a lot of traction.

Steve Naidamast: I am still hopeful that my own commercial product will finally see some sales since I have just signed up with a new SEO firm that appears to target independents and small businesses more so than large clients.  As a result, I am hopeful that I will be able to continue extending my product, which is aimed at developers.  

I would also like to concentrate on developing further expertise in game programming, specifically with the MonoGame engine, so that I can continue developing an 18th-century war game I have always had an interest in putting on the computer as well as producing a new game development part II piece, which is long overdue.

Unfortunately, I still have to learn some of the techniques which will be required to support this new piece as well as my game interest. In addition, I would like to upgrade my freely available data access layer test clients to the more modern interface style I have developed in this past year.

Nicolai Parlog: Java 9 and particularly my book about it.

Becoming better in Scala.

Ivan Kusalic: That’s a really hard question.

I’d like to explore a lot of interesting concepts in detail. The list includes: using Haskell for more than just playing around, in-depth understanding and knowledge of Rust’s memory management, playing with Idris etc. Of course, becoming better in Scala and a better engineer in general will be a big part of next year as well.

Jonas Helming: Angular 2, especially in the light of the planned support of JSON Forms.

Kai Spichale: Content Recommendation and machine learning.

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