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TeamCity 6 Released With Full Maven 3 Compatibility

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Eclipse Community Awards 2011 are go!

TeamCity 6 Is Compatible With Maven 3

JetBrains have released version 6 of the TeamCity distributed build management and continuous integration server. This release uses a computing grid to run parallel builds on multiple Build Agents with different platforms, and can integrate with Amazon EC2. The “My Changes” page has been overhauled, with support for keyboard navigation added and new functionality for examining an overview of how a commit integrates in different builds and build configurations. It is also fully compatible with Maven 3.

Who’s Your Eclipse Hero?

The Eclipse Community Awards 2011 are open for nominations! Nine titles will be awarded this year: Top Committer, Top Contributor, Top Newcomer Evangelist, Best Application, Best Developer Tool, Best Mobile Product, Best Modeling Product, Most Innovative New Feature or Project, and Most Open Project. The Individual and Project Award winners will be decided by a community vote, while the Technology Award winners will be determined by a panel of judges chosen from Eclipse-oriented editors and Eclipse project leaders. Deadline for nominations is January 28th, 2011.

JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.1 Announced

Version 5.1 of the JBoss Enterprise BRMS open source business rules management system, is now available. This release introduces a technology preview of complex event processing capabilities, productivity tool improvements, and simplified rules services publication to apps, SOA and cloud deployment.

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