Single-Screen View of Entire Tomcat Environment

Tcat Server 6 RC4 Released

Jessica Thornsby

Tcat Server 6 RC4 alerts users to performance and availability issues with web applications.

Tcat Server 6 R4 has been released.

Tcat Server is an Apache Tomcat app server for the enterprise. This release introduces the concept of ‘global dashboards,’ which provide a single-screen view of the entire Tomcat environment, web applications, potential issues and the status of current deployments. Users can also view metrics on a per-server basis via server dashboards.

Tcat Server also provides functionality for alerting users to performance and availability issues regarding web applications, either via email or monitoring solutions, for example Nagios. This is in addition to capabilities for integrating with monitoring solutions in the Network Operations Centre. Tcat Server 6 R4 also introduces full support for JMX metrics, allowing users to see trends by plotting custom JXM values in a graph, as well as setting alerts on the values and browsing the available JMX metrics.


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