Real-Time Synchroniser for ALM

Tasktop Moves to the Server: Tasktop Sync Announced

Jessica Thornsby

Tasktop have announced the 1.0 release of a brand new product.

Tasktop have announced a new product, Tasktop Sync, which moves the Task Federation technology from the desktop client, to the server.

Tasktop’s Task Federation is a suite of tools that enable integration, visibility and traceability across heterogeneous ALM tool stacks. Tasktop Sync is a real-time synchroniser for ALM, that allows ALM architects to set up a mapping between the various ALM systems. Tasktop Sync then builds up a cache, so that every change in the test system can be propagated to the agile tool, and back again. This allows stakeholders to work with their tools of choice, and still be able to collaborate. Features include automated and configurable conflict resolution, and support for a range of artifact types, including tasks, defects, work items, tests, and requirements. Data is stored in the customer’s existing ALM systems, which means no new repositories are required.



Tasktop Sync is sold as a solution consisting of product licenses, and a Jump Start deployment services program. The Jump Start program consists of 10 days of professional services, including analysis, customisation and training.

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