Deprecated Page Pool

Tapestry 5.2 Switches From Pooled Pages to Singletons

Jessica Thornsby

Tapestry 5.2 is released with changes to the page pool.

Tapestry version 5.2 is out now.

Apache Tapestry is an open source framework for creating web applications in Java. It builds upon the standard Java Servlet API.

Previous releases of Tapestry, kept a pool for page instances and on each request, a localised page instance was pulled from the pool, used by the one request thread, and then returned to said pool. In Tapestry 5.2, the page pool is deprecated and a single page instance is created and shared between threads.

“It’s an interesting trade off: a lot less memory (just a single instance of each page and all its components) for a bit more work during each request,” reports Howard Lewis Ship.



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