Don't be a-fray-ed of change

Yarn v2 changes migrates codebase from Flow to TypeScript

Last year, Yarn laid out its goals for the future, including plans for an overhauled log system, becoming an API, a switch to TypeScript, and support for plugins and new commands. Now, that vision is fulfilled and the latest version has arrived. Let’s meet Yarn version 2, see the latest changes, and take a look down the road ahead for this JavaScript package manager.

Recorded in front of a live JAXConf audience

YARN: Hadoop Beyond MapReduce

Andreas Neumann and Terence Yim of Continuuity present YARN, a new resource manager in Hadoop that improves availability, scalability, security and multi-tenancy, while decoupling cluster management from the MapReduce engine. The duo will also discuss Weave, an open source framework that greatly simplifies YARN usage. Filmed by Marakana –