Upgraded security in the new release

WildFly 18 adds security enhancements & runs on JDK 13

Welcome WildFly 18! The latest release is here and available for download. It includes several new security upgrades, including SSL certificate revocation using OCSP and support for audit logging with RFC5424/RFC3164. WildFly also now runs with JDK 13. See all the latest changes made to this fast, lightweight managed application runtime.

A particularly JDK-focused release

WildFly 15 is released with JDK 11 support

WildFly 15 is the fourth release following the quarterly delivery model and it’s more focused on ensuring support for JDK 11 rather than introducing new features. Let’s have a quick look.

Soaring higher than ever

WildFly 14 is now Java EE8 certified!

The new quarterly release system for WildFly is flying along. WildFly 14 is here, right on time, and with Java EE8 certification! We take a look at what’s available in the latest release for this application server.

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