Getting smaller and smaller

How small can TinyGo squeeze down WebAssembly?

Since we covered TinyGo last year, it has expanded its reach and seen several updates. This Go compiler for microcontrollers, modern web browsers, and command-line tools also can compile Go to WebAssembly to create browser-based apps. How small can TinyGo squeeze down WebAssembly and what drawbacks and limitations does it have?

Interview with James Mitchell, Sawtooth maintainer and president of Bitwise IO

“Sawtooth Sabre is our new transaction family for on-chain WebAssembly smart contracts”

Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.1 was announced earlier this month. The latest release focuses on two major new features, namely an improved consensus interface and support for WebAssembly smart contracts. We talked to James Mitchell, Sawtooth maintainer and president of Bitwise IO about the most important changes in Sawtooth 1.1, its use cases and what’s next for this framework.

WebAssembly 101: Fast, open, and memory-safe

A developer’s introduction to WebAssembly

Are you ready to execute code faster than ever? Discover why WebAssembly is a very important part of the web platform of the future. In this tutorial by Flavio Copes, developers will learn how to use WebAssembly, how to compile their C programs, and how to call a WebAssembly function from JavaScript.

Go build wasm apps!

Using Go for WebAssembly applications

Go 1.11 is almost here and finally, Go supports WebAssembly. Are you ready for it? In this article, Sebastian Holstein explains how developers can use Go as a language for WASM applications.