Welcoming WebAssembly to Istio

Istio 1.5: What’s in it for Developers?

Istio is an open source service mesh platform. Idit Levine is the founder and CEO of and works extensively with Istio. In this article, she recounts the latest Istio 1.5 release and what the addition of WebAssembly brings to developers working with service mesh.

Compile Java to WebAssembly & JavaScript

CheerpJ 2.1 adds more features for bringing Java bytecode to the web

CheerpJ 2.1 has arrived with several updates on board for bringing Java to the web. CheerpJ is a tool that comes with a full Java 8 SE runtime environment. It is designed to compile Java bytecode into JavaScript and, since version 2.0, which was released two months ago, also to WebAssembly. Let’s take a look at the latest maintenance release.

Watch Håkan Silfvernagel's International PHP Conference session

Why you should consider WebAssembly in your next frontend project

During the last decades, a growing trend has been to put more and more functionality into the client by using the latest and greatest JavaScript framework. But what if we could be using native code in the browser in order to run computations faster and potentially reuse code from the backend in the frontend? Enter WebAssembly.

Recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium

WebAssembly is now the fourth web standard language

WebAssembly (Wasm) is now the fourth language to receive an official recommendation for the web by the World Web Consortium (W3C). It joins HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Are we about to enter a new web era? Now that WebAssembly is officially a web standard, let us take a look at some of its use cases, end goals, and the W3C’s reasons for choosing it.

Getting smaller and smaller

How small can TinyGo squeeze down WebAssembly?

Since we covered TinyGo last year, it has expanded its reach and seen several updates. This Go compiler for microcontrollers, modern web browsers, and command-line tools also can compile Go to WebAssembly to create browser-based apps. How small can TinyGo squeeze down WebAssembly and what drawbacks and limitations does it have?

Interview with James Mitchell, Sawtooth maintainer and president of Bitwise IO

“Sawtooth Sabre is our new transaction family for on-chain WebAssembly smart contracts”

Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.1 was announced earlier this month. The latest release focuses on two major new features, namely an improved consensus interface and support for WebAssembly smart contracts. We talked to James Mitchell, Sawtooth maintainer and president of Bitwise IO about the most important changes in Sawtooth 1.1, its use cases and what’s next for this framework.

WebAssembly 101: Fast, open, and memory-safe

A developer’s introduction to WebAssembly

Are you ready to execute code faster than ever? Discover why WebAssembly is a very important part of the web platform of the future. In this tutorial by Flavio Copes, developers will learn how to use WebAssembly, how to compile their C programs, and how to call a WebAssembly function from JavaScript.

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