#VS Code

Shiny & new features

VS Code 1.37 updates with new product icons. Yea or nay?

What’s new in VS Code? Version 1.37 is here and with it comes some new features and a number of updates. This time around the update includes a refreshed icon update, a few language improvements for TypeScript, improved error reporting, and more. See what’s shiny and new in Visual Studio Code this month.

Enhancements and the latest features

Java updates for Visual Studio Code adds Smart Selection API

The newest update for Java on Visual Studio Code is here. This update adds a few new Maven improvements, the Smart Selection API, and some new refactoring features. Never used Java on VS Code? Take a peek at some of the most used extensions for it and what Java frameworks and tools it supports.

Easy to install & ready to go

VS Code introduces a package installer for Java developers

News for Java developers: VS Code announced a new installer for Java. The package auto detects if you have the most recent components and installs and configures stable version of Java tools with the press of a button. Will you be giving VS Code a try or do you prefer another code editor?

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