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New features for Python in Visual Studio Code

Python in VS Code May 2020 update addresses 42 issues

Microsoft has released the monthly update of its official Python extension for Visual Studio Code. The May 2020 update adds the option to manually browse for a Python interpreter and lets you try out an experimental feature. Several bug fixes are on board as well.

See what the VS Code alternative has to offer

Eclipse Theia and VS Code differences explained

Eclipse Theia 1.0 arrived at the end of March. The open source extensible platform combines some of the best features of IDEs, so we took a closer look to find out what sets it apart from Microsoft’s source code editor Visual Studio Code. In this article, you will learn more about Eclipse Theia’s licensing, architecture, and more.

Improved startup with syntax server

Java on VS Code April update includes Java 14 support

The monthly update for Java on Visual Studio Code has arrived from Microsoft. The April 2020 update includes support for Java 14, new performance upgrades, previews for proposed upcoming changes, and much more. See what’s new.

New Python features in VS Code

Python extension for VS Code receives its March 2020 update

Like clockwork, the official Python extension for Microsoft’s source code editor Visual Studio Code has received its monthly update. In the March 2020 release, we can welcome a new debugger, debugpy, which should be easier to attach to local processes. The release also closes 66 issues. Let’s take a closer look.

Visual Studio Code updates its Java support

Java on VS Code now comes with Syntax Mode and SonarLint support

The monthly update for Java on Visual Studio Code has arrived, and it has some new features on board. Microsoft’s source code editor now includes Syntax Mode for Java, and the extension SonarLint has been added as well. An unhelpful warning, on the other hand, has been removed. Let’s see what all is new.

Et tu, VS Code?

Top 6 IDEs of March

“What is the best IDE for Java/Python/JS/C++” is a question bound to receive multiple, conflicting opinions and if you’re lucky, it can even start a few arguments. We took a look at 6 (and one bonus round) of our favorite IDEs. Some of them receive frequent updates, some fulfill a niche use case, and some have stood the test of time.