Watch Ingo Rammer's session from the International JavaScript Conference 2018

Blockchain for Developers – What’s behind the hype?

The blockchain is one of the hot topics on the tech scene right now. If some expect it to revolutionize the internet, others see the blockchain as a solution for very specific use cases. What’s behind the hype? Ingo Rammer’s session from the International JavaScript Conference provides answers.

JAX London Session

Understanding the Disruptor – Trisha Gee & Mike Barker at JAX London 2011

Developed at LMAX to help build the world’s fastest financial exchange, the Disruptor is new open-source concurrency framework, designed as a high performance mechanism for inter-thread messaging. Using the Disruptor as an example, this talk will explain of some of the more detailed and less understood areas of concurrency, such as memory barriers and cache coherency. These concepts are often regarded as scary complex magic only accessible by wizards like Doug Lea and Cliff Click. The talk will try and demystify them and show that concurrency can be understood by us mere mortal programmers

New Google Feature

Live Streaming for Google Search?

Are Google about to roll out a new feature to Google search? This could be the case, as Rob Ousbey has posted a video capture of the Google search engine acting very strangely. He found that Google was suggesting search results even before he’d hit the ‘enter’ button. See the capture below of Google automatically updating the search results as Ousbey was typing.


Is cloud computing green? Yes and no

Simon Wardley, cloud strategist for Canonical, has an interesting take on how green Cloud computing is. It leads to better utilisation of computing resources, and eliminates wastage. But cloud also accelerates building of appliances and triggers an explosion of consumption of energy-intensive computing resources, Sounds simplistic? The piping of electricity to homes, led to a similar explosion of consumption. So, is cloud computing green? Yes in the short run and No in the long run, says Mr Wardley.

Enterprise Software

Six tough questions for traditional software vendors

Traditional software vendors are battling to manage the new wave of trends such as Cloud, SaaS and BPM, which threaten to eat into IT budgets. Given its dominance in ERP business, SAP is a good test case to understand the predicament of on-premise vendors. Acknowledging that the IT landscape is changing, SAP is making important moves to fit in. But the transformation is not going to be easy and Enterprise irregular Dennis Howlett has posed six tough questions on the challenges before the software giant on ZDNet. The questions may be targeted at SAP. But it is for the entire industry to answer them.