The key to business advantage

The Call for Bigger and Better Digital Experiences

The sense of urgency around producing and delivering digital experiences is growing. What can organizations do to boost success? See what data Progress found when they conducted a survey about planning and execution of digital experience initiatives.

Providing equal access

All you need to know about web accessibility and UX


Web designers and developers should aim for accessibility because, at the end of the day, accessible design equates to good UX design. Follow these guidelines and web accessibility standards to ensure that everyone has equal access to the web.

How to avoid user frustration

Which and when to use: SPA vs MPA


While building a website it is essential to see the bigger picture of the whole project, thereupon it is important to understand that there are two different ways to do it. When should you use a single-page application and when should you use a multi-page application? Check out these UX tips for some guidance.

It all comes down to usability

5 UX tips to design better mobile apps


Sometimes designing a mobile app sounds simple, but it can be anything but. How do you come up with an app design that is engaging for your users? Here are some UX tips for designing better mobile apps and what developers and designers should focus on.

Interview with Nancy Hua, CEO of Apptimize

“Apps need to show value before they can ask for information”

Users want the apps on their phones to always deliver value – not satisfying their expectations will eventually lead to lower ratings and more regular uninstalls. So how can we prevent that from happening? We asked Nancy Hua, CEO of Apptimize, to explain what it means to truly optimize an app.