How Akka is used to create distributed systems or clustered virtual machines

Akka clustering and remoting

While there is a wealth of documentation around Akka, based on Lightbend’s real-world experience with users and customers over the last few years, they realized that there is a need for tutorial-style tips that focuses on different aspects of Akka. In this post, Hugh McKee focuses on Akka clustering vs. Akka remoting.

How to build a simple blog application with JHipster 4.0.5

Get started with JHipster 4

In this article, Matt Raible , a web developer and Java Champion, shows you how to build a simple blog application with JHipster 4.0.5.

How to create a distributed datastore in 10 minutes

While the availability of numerous excellent open technologies has enabled us to build products and services faster than ever, there remain problem areas where technologies have yet to fully impact. One of the most challenging areas involves building consistent, fault-tolerant distributed systems.

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Eclipse Golo JVM programming language

Yet another language? That is a good question to ask, especially when the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is host to many languages with proven adoption. While Golo is indeed “yet another JVM language”, it has interesting applications for tinkerers as a standalone language, as an embedded language into other JVM applications, or even for quick prototyping in IoT settings.