The more we know, the better we become

JAXenter survey: Which technologies are relevant for you in 2020?

What technologies will be in high demand in 2020? In our annual survey we want to know what languages, frameworks and tools are on your agenda for this year. Whether you’re still languishing on ancient Java or cruising the bleeding edge using tools we’ve never heard of, we’re interested in what you have to say! So go on, answer a few questions over your cup of coffee.

Smart thinking

The changing datacentre landscape

The data centre is getting faster, denser and more complex. Opengear’s Nadir Yilmaz examines how new smart technologies can help meet the demands of the transition while building new levels of resiliency.

DevOps is change and DevOps is changing

DevOps trends for 2016

DevOps has arrived as a legitimate and mainstream means of delivering business value with IT. But by no means has the DevOps concept stopped changing. Kurt Milne examines the DevOps trends that are already on their way.

Mastering complexity

Relax, every code base rots over time

How do you know if your code base is rotting? Before you get defensive about your code, software architect Erik Dietrich wants you to know that every code base rots over time. The key is to ensure you’re managing the complexity of its growth correctly.

I solemnly swear...

A professional oath for programmers?

Do you solemnly swear to produce good code? That’s what Agile Manifesto co-author Robert C. Martin wants you to do, in his newest endeavour to create a list of ethical guidelines for programmers to follow. The Programmer’s Oath has been met with mixed feedback.

You call that DevOps?

Is DevOps the new black?

DevOps is cool. Correction: DevOps is mainstream. Correction: DevOps has broken through the mainstream and is now quickly catching up on “Agile”, “Big Data” and the almighty “Cloud” as an excessively used buzzword. So how much substance is there to the hype of DevOps?

Get your head out of the sand

Securing the BYOD transformation

By 2017 half of all employees with be required to bring their own device to work. Yet around a third of enterprises have yet to implement a BYOD security policy. David Goldschlag, SVP of Strategy for Pulse Secure looks at the security challenges and best practices needed for successful BYOD deployment.

Establishing a BYOD strategy

The impact of BYOD on the enterprise

Many enterprise IT organisations experienced the rapid introduction of mobile and cloud within their environments. New challenges such as BYOD and the Internet of Things (IoT) brought about new demands and a rapid pace driving enterprises to simplify and retool IT infrastructure.

The future is trendy

The top ten technology trends for 2016

Gartner’s annual report on top technology trends features all the buzzwords it can: augmented reality, microservices, IoT and machine learning all have their time in the limelight. We take a quick look at their predictions and what the future holds for tech.

What is it all for?

Altruism, profit and IT

Programmers continue to suffer from burnouts, increasing responsibilities and a growing pressure to deliver more and more functionality to customers. But what role do developers need to play in business? And what is the true purpose of business?

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