TIOBE will announce the winner next month

Should Kotlin become the programming language of the year?

Something old, something new. Kotlin and C are the two candidates that have what it takes to become the programming language of the year, according to the latest TIOBE index. The winner will be announced next month but, in the meantime, let’s see why Kotlin deserves to win.

Riding high

New TIOBE algorithm sees Java still on top

The TIOBE Index has gone ahead and fixed its algorithm to make sure its results are more accurate, which has been a bugbear for many in the past. Java-heads will be happy to see that despite the improvement, Java still reigns supreme. Long live Java!

A rocket to the top

Comparing language rankings and radars

However you look at it, language rankings are often used to make a strategic decision about what programming language to adopt for your next project. We take a look at the technology radars out there that are worth your time and understanding.

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