TIOBE Index for June 2020

Rust enters the TIOBE Index Top 20

Here’s something new for Rust fans to brag about. The language has officially entered the TIOBE Index top 20. What makes Rust such a well-loved programming language? Will it continue to reside alongside big players such as Java and C?

TIOBE Index for June 2019

Will Python overtake Java as the most used programming language?

Java and C are the most popular programming languages, however, Python continues to see amazing growth in 2019. The TIOBE Index claimed that Python might overtake Java and C as the most popular language in a few years. Is this accurate? Let’s take a look at this month’s index and see what the projections are.

TIOBE Index for March 2019

PowerShell swims into the TIOBE 50

Even the TIOBE Index is feeling the doldrums of March. Not much has changed this month on the popular index, as Java continues to hold on to the #1 spot, PowerShell swims into the top 50 again, and Go stumbles a few spots.

TIOBE Index for February 2019

Groovy slides right back into the TIOBE top 20

Groovy moves and grooves right back to the top 20 for the TIOBE Index. What else is shaking on this programming pop chart? Well, Java continues to rock, TypeScript took a bit of a tumble, and SQL is going steady.

TIOBE Index for May 2018

Scala cracks the top 20 in major TIOBE reshuffle

Big changes on the popular programming language index, as Scala leaps upwards to crack the top twenty. It’s not the only major adjustment for May’s TIOBE Index, as Google’s re-indexing causes titanic shifts for Go, R, and Swift.

TIOBE will announce the winner next month

Should Kotlin become the programming language of the year?

Something old, something new. Kotlin and C are the two candidates that have what it takes to become the programming language of the year, according to the latest TIOBE index. The winner will be announced next month but, in the meantime, let’s see why Kotlin deserves to win.