A rocket to the top

Comparing language rankings and radars

However you look at it, language rankings are often used to make a strategic decision about what programming language to adopt for your next project. We take a look at the technology radars out there that are worth your time and understanding.

Recorded in front of a live JAXconf audience

Continuous Delivery with Jez Humble

Thoughtworks Principal Jez Humble offers up a bitesize view into Continuous Delivery and how businesses can use it to get valuable new software to uses as quickly as possible, whilst keeping their production environment stable. Jez discusses important CD practices and principles including value stream mapping, the deployment pipeline, acceptance test drive development, zero-downtime releases and incremental development. This video was filmed by Marakana Tech TV ( at JAXconf in July 2012

JAX London Session

Public vs Private Cloud – A Convenient Fiction – Sam Newman at JAX London

Much FUD has been spread by traditional infrastructure vendors regarding the ‘public’ nature of many IAAS providers. The reality is that the world does not fit cleanly into these two descriptions. When understanding what offering is right, there are significantly more important distinctions to draw than terms used by marketing departments.