New features in the long-awaited TensorFlow 2.0

What’s in store for ML developers in TensorFlow 2.0?

TensorFlow 2.0 is on its way! What can we expect from this long-awaited upgrade to one of the most popular machine learning projects? A sneak peek at the preview version suggests a cleaner API, eager execution, and a tighter integration with tf.keras.

Watch Sigrid Keydana's talk at ML Conference 2017

Coding deep learning: The absolute minimum an interested developer should know

Deep Learning is all the hype these days, beating another record most every week but writing code for deep learning is not just coding – it really helps if you have a basic understanding of what’s going on beneath. In this session from last year’s ML Conference, Sigrid Keydana offers a quick lesson on deep learning, as well as some tips and tricks for developers who’d like to dip their toes into this topic.