Overview and takeaways


Individual databases have different strengths and weaknesses, and two important broad database categories are “relational” (SQL) and “non-relational” (NoSQL/Not-Only-SQL). The two frameworks are increasingly crossing over with each other but the two principally model data differently — offering either acute integrity or agile scalability.

Switching to NoSQL databases

Why You Should Migrate from SQL to NoSQL for Time Series Data

Do you use SQL or NoSQL databases for time series data? There are a number of significant differences, advantages, and disadvantages between the two. In this article, you will learn all about the differences between SQL and noSQL databases, as well as the differences for time series use cases.

Watch Markus Winand's International PHP Conference session

Modern SQL: Evolution of a dinosaur

Relational SQL has been abandoned in 1999. Since then, SQL has got many non-relational features for problems that are hard to solve with relational algebra. What can modern SQL do for you? It has come a long way. This session from the International PHP Conference will teach you about the SQL of today. Find out more with Markus Winand.

Full steam ahead!

Reactive programming with SQL databases: R2DBC 0.8 released

R2DBC 0.8 is now generally available. R2DBC (Reactive Relational Database Connectivity) is an open initiative that connects reactive programming with SQL databases. The R2DBC working group worked for almost two years before releasing its first version of the specification. Read about the motivation behind R2DBC and its current state.

SQL Special

Find the next non-NULL row in a series with SQL

Here is another SQL special from jOOQ inventor Lukas Eder. Looking at a time series of data points where certain events happen, there are several issues that can occur. Here’s how you can deal with those problems.

SQL Special

How to group by “nothing” in SQL

Here is another SQL special from jOOQ inventor Lukas Eder. What’s the point in using GROUPING SETS in SQL standard? Eder demonstrates a pretty subtle effect of using this feature.

An absolute delight

SQLDelight 1.0 arrives with a complete rework

SQLDelight, a library that generates typesafe APIs from your SQL statements, just reached its 1.0 milestone, which happens to bring a complete rework. Let’s have a closer look at what this library has to offer.

Why are they great?

ETL Tools vs. SQL and system tools

Built-in tools have some serious advantages, like easier maintenance, fewer bugs, less dependency on the database in use, easier to migrate to another server, etc. But when it comes to performance it is far from the best. What if you wanted to make our ETL even better? Veselin Davidov gives us a full tour!