The best way for a team adopt it is to dive in

Mo’ developers, mo’ problems: How serverless has trouble with teams

Serverless is a tool like any other, but since it means a radical shift in your operations model, teams are often tempted to ‘dip a toe in’ with their first few services. This leads to many of the problems described by Toby Fee, Community Developer for Stackery in this article.

Don't make yourself irrelevant by ignoring serverless

Serverless computing – What is the future for Dev and Ops teams?

Assuming you’ve been paying attention for the last 15 years or so, serverless is just the latest movement in the ongoing Ops switch from tactics to strategy. In this article, Dominic Wellington talks about the real danger to Ops from serverless, the potential downsides of serverless computing and more.

Architecture with a purpose

Are you ready for JAX London 2018? We’re getting in the zone for all the exciting sessions scheduled for this year. Today, we look at what serverless brings to the table. We interviewed JAX London speaker Vinita Rathi about software architecture and the top trends.